Protect. Connect. Celebrate. RIDE.

GWTA 2023 Registration Opens on January 3 2023

What is the GWTA?

The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure or GWTA is an annual, supported, multi-day cycle tour and awareness ride to promote the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and the communities that support the Trail.

Friends, Finds, and Fun, the top three reasons people keep coming back to the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure (GWTA). Although freedom and food are high on the list too!

Bring friends or make friends. Find new local wines, craft breweries, hidden treasures, and unique communities. Feel the wind, water, and earth in a new way. Experience the freedom of slowing down, stopping, and trying something new. 98% recommend the GWTA to friends and family. Check out the testimonials below.

Learn more about the 2023 GWTA. 

What Should I Expect?

  • Reconnect to Canada’s Great Lakes! The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is a key part of a strategy to protect, connect and celebrate the earth’s largest group of freshwater lakes.
  • Discover vibrant communities and beautiful rural vistas; experience delicious local food and entertainment; enjoy charming shops and unique local businesses.
  • Eat, shop, learn, discover, relax ….
  • Daily luggage transportation.
  • Camping on most nights in scenic waterfront parks and community grounds. Hotel and budget friendly University residence options available (You must book these yourself separately.)
  • Daily itinerary and maps.
  • Daily breakfasts included – breakfasts will be served in line with Public Health regulations.
  • Check out the itineraries for more information 

Testimonials From Past GWTA Riders

As always, the tour was impeccably organized and the support from the WRT team, volunteers, CAA and the local communities was fantastic. … This year was a unique experience of riding on a lot of packed gravel trails through wooded areas. While it was slower going and harder on the bikes, I enjoyed spending so much time surrounded by nature.

ParticipantGWTA 2022

GWTA is a nice group of people to ride with, very well organized with all the details thought through. Thank you for all the hard work putting this together and running it so well.

ParticipantGWTA 2022
Peter Delanty, retired Mayor of Cobourg and Honorary Tour Director

I’m a great supporter of the ride and how it helps “ open our eyes” to what a wonderful province we live in. It’s diverse geography, history and people makes you proud to be a part of it.

Peter Delanty, retired Mayor of Cobourg and Honorary Tour DirectorGWTA 2022
Bev MacDougall, Honorary Tour Director, Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, Sarnia-Lambton

Our incredible Great Lakes System and regeneration of its shorelines with multi-use trails – connecting uniquely local communities across our province is an Ontario legacy to be guarded and protected for future generations – not to mention a North American tourism asset, to be shared with the world when cycling has never been more popular

Bev MacDougall, Honorary Tour Director, Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, Sarnia-LambtonGWTA 2021

We shot a million pictures, peddled until we were deliciously happy, felt the breeze on our skin, listened to bird songs, witnessed incredibly beautiful vistas, dipped our toes in the refreshing, cool waters at Tobermory, licked back ice cream and ate our share of fish and chips. All with a clear conscience after peddling every step of the way (Except maybe a hill or two. Then we walked and pushed!)

ParticipantGWTA 2021

“My only complaint is that the choices in the survey do not include “stupendous”, “superior” or “out of sight”!! The trip was once again impeccably planned and perfectly executed.”

ParticipantGWTA 2019

“It’s been gruelling, challenging, wonderful, lots of adrenaline and very satisfying,” says Janet.“The group dynamic was fantastic,” Yvan adds, “People encouraging one another, helping one another when problems happen. And that’s cycling; the cycling world is like that. It was awesome. We really enjoyed this.”

Participant2019 GWTA

I love that I can get on my bike and enjoy a beautiful area with like-minded people. I love that the route is planned through such beautiful communities. I love that the communities are so enthused about us being there and working to continually improve their infrastructure. I love that we are greeted by individuals in the communities. I love experiencing the various restaurants and great locally grown food. I love wandering into the galleries and purchasing art that constantly reminds me of my time in Ontario. I love seeing the beautiful small towns that we travel through. I love sleeping in a tent and hearing the crickets at night; love knowing a campsite is chosen and all we have to do is ride there. I love the fine acquaintances and deep friendships that have evolved over the years. I love knowing that should I have a bike mechanical problem, there are people to help out. I love covering great distances but not having to schlep my gear. I suppose I even love knowing that a shuttle is available should I need it….but hate to use it!! I love the jerseys – this year’s was a stunner. I love the finishing medals. Really they are a beautiful design. I love that I have met community leaders who believe in the bicycle!! I love the guides and volunteers who have become friends. I love how I feel every day on my bike!

ParticipantGWTA 2018

The GWTA celebrates and highlights our wonderful Great Lakes! I love exploring the changing landscapes & nature and the incredible communities along the route. Also love being with like-minded folks. The ride is addictive! Every year it’s like re-connecting with family. The Waterfront Regeneration Trust does an amazing job….well done…..keep it up! : )

ParticipantGWTA 2018

I had an amazing time and this is only possible because of the work that is done behind the scenes with the GWTA team. Congratulations on another successful year. You did an outstanding job and you have a great team.

ParticipantGWTA 2016

I look forward to and love this adventure every year. I have chatted it up enthusiastically at home and elsewhere and am continually recommending it to others. It is truly an exceptional experience and I cannot imagine a summer without the GWTA. I am afraid of missing the deadline next year (like a reoccurring nightmare!) so please sign me into two slots as I’ll be bringing a friend!!

Participant GWTA2016

They have been doing this for so many years and each year incorporate the wisdom and learning from the past years into each new year. We, the riders benefit from this and I want to repeat my appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you for your very being. The GWTA team ROCKS!

ParticipantGWTA 2016

I thought the Indian Hills lunch ‘event’ was the most memorable hour of the entire week. It was so authentic and hopeful. It shows the connections GWTA is making with communities which I’m very proud to support. Great work!

ParticipantGWTA 2016

I did it last year and now I am hooked. This is an addiction that I don’t want to kick. Did I say I loved it? The communities along the way were so incredible in the way they came out and greeted, fed, supported us as we made our way along the route. The staff organizing this trip are beyond wonderful!

ParticipantGWTA 2013

What a great trip! Thanks to all involved. It was so well planned and organized, and perhaps the best bike event I participated in, and I have ridden in many, many events over the years in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Wyoming.

ParticipantGWTA 2014