The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure (GWTA) is an annual cycle tour and awareness ride that the Waterfront Regeneration Trust hosts in partnership with waterfront communities and First Nations.  In 2018, the GWTA showcased 540 km and six new trail projects from Ajax to South Glengarry. The ride attracts 150 to 200 cyclists from all other Canada and the US. Many are new to cycle tourism; many become enthusiastic champions for the initiative. Participants are in a unique position to offer insights into the quality of experience that that Trail provides.
Survey participants rate the experience, evaluate the Trail and describe their interest in cycling tourism.

Survey Result Highlights

•167 participants aged 13 to 80
•85% live in Ontario. 12% Reside in the United States (11 states). 3% reside in other Canadian provinces (Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta).
•26 elected representatives met participants at rest stops and in some cases cycled with the group.
$203,805 estimated local total economic benefits related to the GWTA 2018.
•39% first time on the GWTA
97% will recommend the GWTA to friends and family
90% rate the GWTA as an excellent (52%) or very good (38%) summer holiday.
99% will recommend the area to friends and family for a visit (absolutely 72%; yes 28%)
43% believe this section of the route is well-marked (10% strongly; 33% agree) 
79% felt safe on this section of the Trail (33% strongly agree; 46% agree)
98% state this section of the Trail provides a great cycling experience (66% strongly agree; 32% agree)
99% view the Trail as an important part of regenerating the Great Lakes (75% strongly agree; 24% agree)
75% will return to visit a community or area we cycle during the 2018 GWTA. 
$833 Average spending per participant.
•42% will take 2-4 pleasure trips where cycling is a significant part of the trip.