1,000 KM Route Offers a Cycling Challenge of a Lifetime


The Grand Greenbelt and Great Lakes Cycle Route takes Ontario cycle-tourism to new levels

Connecting two Great Lakes, wine country, small towns, Ontario’s Greenbelt, and Canada’s biggest city, the Grand Greenbelt and Great Lakes Cycle Route is Ontario’s latest and most comprehensive cycling adventure. The 10-day itinerary is a partnership of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust and the Greenbelt Foundation.

The itinerary, available at waterfronttrail.org/trip-ideas/1000km-itinerary, is best suited for moderate-to-advanced cyclists and includes paves roads, as well as paved and unpaved trails. By connecting the GreenbeltRoute and the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, this 1,000km trip takes riders along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, and through the protected countryside of Ontario’s Greenbelt.

“The Grand Greenbelt and Great Lakes Cycle Route is an experience that will change you. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for cyclists to really experience these two iconic landscapes,” says Marlaine Koehler, Executive Director of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust. “This route encapsulates the breadth of what Ontario has to offer – waterfront, countryside, big cities and small towns. It really is the Ontario experience.”

“The Greenbelt is connected to the Great Lakes through its water systems and protected river valleys. The new Grand Greenbelt and Great Lakes Cycle Route celebrates this connection and invites riders to take in the beauty and diversity of Ontario,” says Edward McDonnell, CEO of the Greenbelt Foundation.

For riders not yet ready to knock the 10-day, 1,000km adventure off their bucket list, the route can be broken down into shorter trips ranging from day-trips to 4 or 6-day loops. Comprehensive route planning tools are available online.

Cycle tourism is a growing industry, with over 1.7 million cycling visits across Ontario every year, spending more than $428 million per year. For rural economies, cycle tourism brings in new visitors who spend more on average than other types of visitors and stay longer.

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About the Greenbelt

Ontario’s Greenbelt is the solution for fresh air, clean water, healthy local food, active outdoor recreation, and a thriving economy. At 2 million acres, it’s the world’s largest permanently protected greenbelt. The Greenbelt preserves diverse and scenic landscapes such as the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Niagara Escarpment, keeping our farmlands, forests and wetlands safe and secure. The Greenbelt Foundation works to help keep farmers successful, strengthen local economies, protect natural features, and promote sustainable growth. Learn more at greenbelt.ca.

About the Waterfront Regeneration Trust
The Waterfront Regeneration Trust is a charity leading the movement to protect, connect and celebrate the largest group of freshwater lakes on earth by completing the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail. After 25 years of investment with 100+ communities, First Nations and conservation authority partners, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is a, signed 2,600 km route using paths and roadways, connecting the eastern border of Ontario to Sault Ste. Marie and Lake Superior. It is one of Canada’s iconic cycling experiences. Learn more at www.waterfronttrail.org.