The bascule bridge on Cherry Street leading to Cherry Beach is currently closed for repair, and is expected to remain locked in an upright position for several weeks as of May 13, 2024. There is a Trail detour along Commissioners Street.

Detour — Heading east to west, follow the multi-use path on Lake Shore Blvd west of Leslie St to Carlaw Ave. Continue south on the Carlaw multi-use path to Commissioners St, following the bike lanes west to Cherry Street, where you will rejoin the Waterfront Trail. See below map.

Note: Access to Cherry Beach and the surrounding area is still possible along the Waterfront Trail from Unwin Avenue at the base of Leslie Street, ~2.5 km east of the Cherry Street bascule bridge. Those visiting Cherry Beach via westbound travel on the Waterfront Trail should be aware that they will be unable to continue following the Trail north of Cherry Beach, and will have to backtrack 3 km up Unwin Avenue to Commissioners Street in order to make use of the Trail Detour.