Completed–Thank you TRCA!

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail around Port Union, Toronto opened.

This major maintenance and erosion control project included repairs to the armourstone beach curb that enhanced the safety of the Trail and helped ensure the integrity of the shoreline. Construction on the project required a long-term closure of the local Great Lakes Waterfront Trail between Highland Creek and Port Union Waterfront Park. effective the weekend of May 14, 2022 with an expected completion date in December 2022.

While there is no signed detour route, a 4.5km bypass of the closure is possible using existing trails and local roads.  The closest available bypass is described below. The route is unsigned, is not family-friendly and includes a busy road with no cycling infrastructure. Sidewalks are in place for pedestrians. Any cyclist attempting to cycle a bypass of the closure should exercise caution and does so at their own risk.

Heading west to east:

  • Exit the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail at Highland Creek, following the scenic Highland Creek Trail for 2km to Lawrence Ave E.
    • Follow the Trail east at 1.6km from the junction just before the Lawrence Ave overpass.
    • Note: The Highland Creek Trail is unpaved.
  • Follow Lawrence Ave E for 1.8km to Bridgeport Dr or 2.1km Port Union Rd
    • Cycling on Lawrence Ave E is not recommended. Lawrence Ave is busy and does not include cycling infrastructure.
  • Those taking Bridgeport Dr E  will follow Bridgeend St and Eastport Dr to access the off-road Trail at Lakeshore  to Port Union Village Common Park.
  • Those taking Port Union Dr will follow the road until its terminus at Port Union Village Common Park.
  • From Port Union Village Common Park, access the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail near Rouge Hill Beach via the railway underpass.

We appreciate your patience and respect for this extended trail closure and welcome you to applaud our great partners at TRCA as they undertake this important project to protect and maintain our shoreline and the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

For more information on the project visit TRCA’s project page.