The Waterfront Regeneration Trust’s work to protect, connect and celebrate the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River is supported by a number of dedicated partners who contribute not only funding but also time, knowledge and ideas to our work. We are grateful to all our funders, donors, volunteers, and sponsors for helping us create a healthy waterfront that clean, green, accessible, connected, open, useable, diverse, affordable and attractive.

Greenbelt to Great Lakes – Connecting 3,000km of Extraordinary Coastal and Country Cycling to Sustainability.

The Waterfront Regeneration Trust is proud to partner with the Greenbelt Foundation. Together we are creating a network of cycling routes throughout the Greater Toronto Bioregion and watershed to promote the protection and conservation of our Great Lakes coast and protected countryside. The goal of the project is to contribute to the Greenbelt’s Rural Economy by developing the Greenbelt Route and Great Lakes Waterfront Trail as a  premier cycle tourism experience, increase opportunities for the public to cycle the Greenbelt Route, connect with the greenbelt and support the conservation of ecological and agricultural lands and a sustainable rural economy. Project includes completing 3 connector routes through urban river valleys, managing wayfinding and promoting the Great Lakes to Greenbelt cycling itineraries.

The Greenbelt Foundation is steward of over 2 million acres of farmland and environmentally sensitive forests, green spaces, watersheds, urban river valleys and the moraines that provide clean water for over 6 million Ontarians. We help mitigate climate change, increase biodiversity and restore naturalised areas so they can do the work of keeping Ontario healthy.  We have invested and leveraged $50 million into farming, environmental protection, tourism, recreation and, Indigenous-led initiatives to make the Greenbelt a great place to live, work, play and grow.  A world-class model for preservation, Ontario’s Greenbelt is the largest of its kind and provides a template for Greenbelts all over the world.