Tuesday, July 31

Picton to Kingston – 73km with optional visit to Wolfe Island

Note: GPS Data complements but does not replace your GWTA maps and itineraries.

Breakfast: Picton Community Centre, 375 Picton Main St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 ( next door to the arena)

Time: 7am to 8:30am

Luggage Truck Departure: 8:30 am. Please load your luggage before you depart for breakfast – all luggage should be loaded by 8:00 am.

Please separate your camping luggage from the rest of your luggage  – tonight we will stay in the Queen’s University Residences and you will not need tents, pillows or sleeping bags – all camping equipment should stay on the truck overnight.

Picton Harbour Inn Guests: Please meet GWTA staff in the Reception Area of the hotel you are staying in- they will help to pick up your luggage and transport it to the Queen’s University Residences.

Merrill Inn Guests – please leave your luggage at the front desk our staff will pick it up and deliver to Queens University Residences.

10 km — Glenora Ferry

It’s an uphill but picturesque ride from Picton to the Glenora Ferry. This historic ferry is free of charge and runs every 15 minutes in the summer.

  • Hwy 33 and County Rd 8
  • Longer bayside route to McKinnon Brothers Brewery using CR 8 (30km)
  • Shorter waterfront route to McKinnon Brothers using HWY 33 (26km)

After departing the ferry we are showcasing the Lennox Addington Hay Bay Shoreline Loop. Riders can choose a longer route by heading North on County Road 8 at Adolphustown; for a shorter route, riders continue along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail to Bath. Both are scenic.

40 km –McKinnon Brothers Brewery – Rest and Homemade Muffin stop and GWTA shuttle to Wolfe Island Ferry
  • 915 County 22 Rd, Bath, ON K0H 1G0
  • 11 am – 12noon
  • Beer tastings  –  purchase some beer for later – the GWTA shuttle will be on hand to transport any purchases to Queens.
  • included at this rest stop is a delicious muffin made by local Coffee Shop “The Lodge”
  • Shuttle to Wolfe Island Ferry leaves at 11:30 am prompt – please load your bike as soon as you arrive at the brewery to allow for prompt departure. We plan to arrive in time to catch the 12:30pm free Wolfe Island Ferry.

Located on a bicentennial family farm, McKinnon Brothers use the hops, wheat and barley grown on their farm to brew beer.

We recommend taking the shuttle from McKinnon Brothers Brewery if you are not comfortable riding in urban traffic and through construction. The surface of HWY 33 between Bath and Kingston will be milled, not ideal for road bikes. There is no shoulder for the last 1.7km as the City prepares for its construction of a new multi-use trail.

The shuttle delivers you and your bike to the Wolfe Island Ferry where you can have lunch and enjoy an afternoon of rural riding around Wolfe Island, the latest addition to the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

Alternatively, you can explore Kingston’s waterfront and downtown, where you will also find places to eat.

Rooms will not be ready until 3 pm.

Wolfe Island – welcome stop and optional  up to 40km loop
  • Wolfe Island Business and Tourism Centre
  • 1195 County Rd 96, Wolfe Island, ON K0H 2Y0

Wolfe Island is excited to welcome GWTA participants at the Tourism Centre just by the Township offices.

The ferry drops you off at Marysville on Wolfe Island and has restaurants and a bakery and is a great place to stop for lunch.

  • Wolfe Island Pub and Pizzeria
  • Wolfe Island Grill
  • Wolfe Island Bakery
Kingston – 73km
  • Breakwater Park and the Gord Egar Downie Pier

Before heading into the Queen’s dorms, visit Breakwater Park and the Gord Egar Downie Pier, Canada’s first deep-water urban swimming pier. Go on, jump in!  The City of Kingston’s restoration of the park includes a sandy beach, terraced steps into the Lake Ontario and wider path. The Weston Foundation and Swim Drink Fish contributed $500K to the project.

Finish: David Brant House, Queens University
  • 28 Albert St, Kingston, ON K7L 0E6
  • Rooms will be available from 3pm.

Collect your room keys from staff in the lobby of David Brant House. All bikes must be taken up to your rooms. Collect your luggage from the adjacent Morris Hall building.

Tonight is a great opportunity to explore the City of Kingston. 250 cyclists from the Friends for Life Bike Rally are also staying in Kingston tonight so if there is a special restaurant you want to visit we suggest making a reservation. Check out the Kingston City Guide for things to do in town.

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