Another great Great Waterfront Trail Adventure has come and gone, but you can experience the spirit of the tour through the eyes of youth ambassador and honorary tour director Stephanie Woodworth’s video. Find out what the Trail means to Stephanie and many others here.

As the WRT project manager, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail to me is a proud source of connection and community. It helps build communities by drawing them together. There are over 140 of them now, all connected by their shared passions, interests, and goals–by the Trail. To others, the Trail creates a story, an opportunity to celebrate those communities, to explore Ontario, to enjoy a unique sense of family, or a respite from routine. The meaning can be joyous, simple or profound, as broad and varied and unique and numerous as any who visit the Great Lakes. Because in the end, the Trail is just a bridge.

Leading back to the water.

What does Trail–what do the Great Lakes–mean to you?