Check back here for details on exciting projects the WRT is involved in including upcoming and in-progress Trail expansions, commuter-Trail connections, and work in the Rouge National Urban Park, to name a few.

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail / Great Trail Surface Improvement Feasibility Study

Project timeline: June 2020-December, 2020

WRT staff lead an initiative to prioritize improvements to 53km of gravel roads and trails along the Lake Huron North Channel expansion of the trail between Desbarats and Massey. Project ongoing with funding from Trans Canada Trail and funding and support from Destination Northern Ontario. The 380km Lake Huron North Channel through route is only 30km longer than cycling the extents by highway, which includes many kms of Provincial Highway without paved shoulders. The feasibility study will serve as a foundation for further efforts to create collaborative grant applications for capital improvement dollars to improve priority sections of gravel roads and trails, elevating the existing route, increasing user confidence and further encouraging long-distance cycle tourists to follow the designated trail route and keep away from sections of Highway 17 with no shoulder.