Old Nairn Road in Nairn Centre is closed due to construction and improvements (widening).

Old Nairn Road to Minto Road

Old Nairn Road in Nairn Centre [Map 13 on the Lake Huron North Channel set] will be closed to cyclists due to ongoing work as part of a road reconstruction and widening project starting May, 2021 with an estimated completion in June-July, 2022. During the construction period, intense truck traffic is expected as the road will continue to with limited service the local EAcom facility.

During this closure, we recommend that eastbound travellers turn south at Espanola to enjoy some of Manitoulin Island‘s famous cycling experiences. Westbound trail users can enjoy exceptional cycling on the Trail in Greater Sudbury to Whitefish and Nairn Centre.

Hardened shoulders on Highway 17 just east of the intersection with Old Nairn Road narrow to a 0.5m edgeline with a soft shoulder. This requires cyclists to ride with, or very close to high-speed traffic, including significant truck traffic.